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We can all struggle in our lives at times, and sometimes friends, family or partners aren’t able to give us the help or neutrality we require. This is where good counselling and therapy can really be of benefit. It provides a secure foundation of safety and acceptance as deepest fears or vulnerabilities can be revealed and explored without the worry of what people will think. It can also successfully equip with the knowledge and tools to make lasting changes; or maybe accept a change.

It can feel like a daunting prospect to enter into counselling/therapy, but it's also a first, very positive step towards refusing to continue with the way things are. Rather than an indulgence, therapy can be an extremely wise investment of hard earned funds - whether for individuals or couples.

I use a variety of methods and techniques to help clients make sense of, move forward or take a new direction in their lives, and favour a flexible and tailored attitude and approach which deeply respects individuality.

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Person-Centred values run throughout the work, but some of the practical tools I use are:

The work could be centred around dealing with past issues; connecting with and giving a greater voice to the subconscious mind, or it could be working more in the here and now, and finding ways to break out of habitual ways of thinking or acting. Helping to bring about improved awareness and consciousness to what are often automatic thoughts and actions can create options that may otherwise never be realised.

The goal is always a collaboration and partnership with the client/s and my role is that of facilitator. This said, couples work can be a little more directive in order to keep things moving in the right direction and on track.

Many couples find that they need help ‘finding’ each other again or are in a stuck pattern of relating; or perhaps need assistance in evaluating where they are now ‘at’ in their lives together. There are many factors that can distort and get in the way of authentic communication and a close bond, and a third party can help identify what these may be.

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I also work with people in other relationships: siblings, family members or even friends; but no more than two clients at a time.

Many people find that my rural location is of real benefit, as it can allow some time to think and reflect before and after each session. It can allow more room for the experience.

I do offer Zoom appointments for established clients if they are away on holiday or are unable to attend for some reason, but I much prefer to work 'person to person' as I find it more effective, so unfortunately I don't offer this service for new clients.

I have an advanced diploma in counselling & psychotherapy and can help with a very broad range of issues ranging from: Post Traumatic Stress to difficulty making an important decision. Having worked for HM prison service, I have good experience with complex issues and I am committed to keeping my knowledge and skills up to date. All are welcome.

MNCS Accredited
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BACP Member