"I can't remember exactly how many sessions I have had with Louise, but every single one helped me in some way. Louise is very good at guiding you to have more awareness about yourself and how you manage situations. For myself specifically, I was acting in ways that made me feel toxic and even narcissistic. This was negatively effecting relationships and work etc. I have learnt a lot about myself with Louise and feel like I can think before reacting. Now I know what triggers me or what my anxieties may be, I can manage them in healthier ways and self regulate better. Although I do not feel like I need sessions at this time, I can confidently say if I need support again in the future, I will contact Louise again."

"Myself and my partner had recently lost our child and our communication completely broke down and our relationship was struggling, until we reached out to Mandala therapy. Louise gave us a safe space to communicate, to be honest with each other, to open up to one another and strip back our relationship to our foundation so that we could remember why we fell in love in the first place. She was so kind and attentive to both our needs during a session and allowed us to work together as a team to heal together. Louise tried to be as accommodating as possible with us both working full time jobs and would be extremely flexible with timings that suited us and our lives. She was truly the light in our darkest time and we will forever be grateful for her and her time and energy she gave us.
We are now happily living together in a safe space where we work on our communication daily and regularly use Louise's advice to grow, heal and become stronger together."

"We have found our sessions particularly helpful for 2 reasons:

1. Louise keeps probing gently but efficiently, forcing us to confront what creates issues or tension and take action
2. She offers insight that sheds new light on these issues and helps us find a way forward

The office itself, located in a remote place, feels peaceful and lends itself well to these sessions. For us, the drive before and after offers an opportunity to talk about these sessions and prepare/digest them.
We are grateful to Louise for having helped us and feel we now know someone we trust that we can contact again should we face again issues we can’t resolve ourselves. Thank you!"

"After searching long and hard to find the “right” counsellor that I felt truly at ease with and an environment that was relaxing, discreet and quiet, I found Louise. Louise has a gentle manner who puts you at ease from the moment you walk in the door, yet has a firm presence. A fantastic listener who has a personality that oozes empathy but hasn’t got a “there, there” stance that can feel patronising. Louise was happy to challenge my thought process on a regular basis but always offered an alternative view that really did make me “step outside” of myself and look at my problems, perceived or otherwise, in a new light. We talked at lengtht about an old relationship that had really taken its toll on me as I had been hugely deceived by an ex-partner. After several sessions, with the help, knowledge and expertise of Louise, I was able to slowly “let go” and dissipate my sadness and anger. She helped me feel better about my self esteem and about my life in general. I cannot thank her enough. Oh how we laughed and cried!.....I thoroughly recommend Louise."

"I will be forever grateful to Louise. I felt like I had hit the lowest of lows at the end of 2022, with years of emotion/worry/stress finally being too much and dragging me down. Louise was so welcoming from our first session which allowed me to offload comfortably. Louise has given me so much understanding of why / what - and the important tools to use. Together I feel like we’ve changed my life. I will miss seeing Louise regularly but may see her every now and again if life gets too much, as it sometimes can. Thank you!"

"My husband and I reached out to Louise after thinking we were at the end of our marriage. She helped us understand each other and learn to grow as individuals and as a family. I highly would recommend Louise; she is sympathetic and very knowledgeable. She guided us to see what we really valued, and what we wanted most from life. We couldn't be happier with how far we have come and how much we've managed to achieve."

"I have found the sessions I have had with you to be extremely helpful in supporting me to manage my anxiety and depression. The practical ideas enabled me to focus on making changes that were beneficial whilst and mindfulness techniques allowed me to explore the power of my mind, to take control of my thoughts and feelings and how they were affecting me. Our weekly conversations enabled me to reflect on my situation, allowing me to become more aware of my thought patterns and why I was suffering. Your constant calmness and reassurance were much appreciated and I always felt comfortable and supported during the sessions. I believe that counselling played a large part in my recovery and now I feel much more confident in being able to manage my mental health. Thank you."

"Louise is a lovely person who makes you feel extremely comfortable and takes you on a journey to help heal yourself, even sometimes without realising it! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for any form of counselling."

"The relationship which H and I are now enjoying is testament to the effectiveness of the counselling we received at Mandala. Louise unravelled our relationship and personal issues gradually and compassionately. With this insight, we could see our difficulties from a new perspective. We were often given tasks to find out more about our selves. We found this really interesting and that by doing it together we could discover the depth to one another's personal challenges and feelings. Using the knowledge, understanding and methods learned with Louise, we now find our way through difficulties with more maturity and fewer unwanted emotions. We highly recommend the couples counselling at Mandala without reservation.

Evening sessions
Effective, Compassionate
Particularly found home work helpful as it keeps the attention"

"My partner and I found Louise online who helped us both through a tough time in our relationship, and then again on an individual basis with myself. Louise has a wealth of knowledge and is very compassionate and understanding, and in my experience provided a safe space to identify and challenge difficult/negative thought patterns, in order to enact lasting change in my own life. She helped me accept my own ADHD like difficulties and how my mind works, as well as providing a lot of external resources that I can refer back to. The room is warm and inviting and in a beautiful secluded location, which provides the perfect place to have this therapy."

"I cannot recommend Louise enough. We found her by chance, but are so glad that we did. Her calm, quiet guidance was exactly what we needed to navigate through a difficult time, and Louise did this in such a was that we felt we already had the skills we needed, she just reminded us how. Thank you so much."

Professional Standards Authority
Accredited BACP Member
NCPS Accredited Member